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2017 Baby Bottle Campaign

What is a Baby Bottle Campaign?

Agape’s Baby Bottle Campaign is one of the fundraising efforts we use to fund our ministry. Because we don’t accept government funding, we rely heavily on private donations from individuals, churches and grants.

How does it work?
Hosting a baby bottle campaign is easy! Here are the steps:

  1. Churches are contacted by Agape to determine how many empty baby bottles the church would like to receive. It can be as few or as many as the church prefers, given we have enough bottles in our inventory to satisfy the need.
  2. Agape delivers the empty bottles to the church prior to the first Sunday they are to be distributed.
  3. Bottles are distributed among the congregation over a period of three Sundays. The timing of the baby bottle campaign can be whenever it is best for the church.
  4. Congregants are encouraged to take a bottle and pray over an amount they would like to donate. Cash, change and checks are accepted! When the bottle is filled, the congregants bring the bottle back to the church.
  5. Bottles are collected on the last Sunday of the campaign. However, we encourage churches to continue to accept bottles informally for a couple of weeks following the official campaign’s end (they tend to trickle in).
  6. Agape can pick up the filled bottles or your church can bring them to us, whatever is preferred.

What is done with the money once it is collected?
Agape uses all fundraising dollars, including Baby Bottle receipts to fund our programming to mothers and fathers facing unplanned pregnancy.

What is Agape and who does it help?
Agape helps mothers facing unplanned pregnancy by providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and classes including prenatal care, newborn classes, birthing classes and Bible studies. Each mother and father who enrolls in one of our classes earns Mommy Money or Daddy Dollars to spend on much-needed baby items in our on-site layette.

Our main priority, however, is sharing the love of Christ with each and every person who walks through our doors. We have shared the gospel 575 times in the last year, and have seen hundreds of women and families commit their lives to Christ since opening our doors in 2004.

How else can my church help Agape?
We are always looking for volunteers and our on-site layette is always in need of new baby items. We also can always use churches to partner with us in hosting & teaching our Foundations Classes. Our new mobile unit will be rolling out in the spring, and we could use volunteers to drive, maintain and man our unit. To learn more about Agape, to sign up for volunteer training or to see an updated list of our programs, please visit our website at http://www.agapeprc.org.

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