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girl-blue-wallHow long do I have to decide?
You may feel pressured to make a decision about your pregnancy right away, but don’t let anyone rush you. You have time to think it through, gather information, and talk to someone who will listen to you. Agape PRC is a safe, confidential place where you take your time. We will listen to you, answer your questions and provide you with accurate information. You will be empowered to make the best decision possible‚Ķbased on factual information, not just emotion. Since we do not charge for our services, we do not profit from your decision.

Is parenting right for me?
Parenting is a huge but rewarding responsibility. Most find parenting to be an even bigger blessing than they originally thought it would be, but they also find it to be more challenging than they imagined.

The thought of parenting may feel overwhelming right now. We want to be a safe place for you to ask your questions and express your thoughts and concerns. If you decide or have decided to parent, we are equipped to offer services until your baby’s 2nd birthday. Our goal is to walk beside you for the entire journey so that you are never alone. Parenting is a huge responsibility but we believe that with the right resources and support it can be an amazing experience.

Contact us if you are interested in discussing your parenting options. To get more information about our parenting/childbirth classes, life-skills classes, community resources and more, please visit our Education page or call us directly at 512-248-8200.

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